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Depression – not just a couple of bad days

Do you have a depression, or at least do you think you have one? This little book will give you an insight in what depression is and what you need to do if you think you have it, or if someone near you are in danger of getting it. I hope it can help you get over your destructive thoughts and get some help. Depression comes in different shapes and forms, and we are not talking about a few crappy days. We are talking about your life passing you by, without you knowing why you do not enjoy it. Do not diagnose yourself, because you need to have a healthcare practitioner that is skilled to give you a correct assessment and a professional diagnosis of your condition. So, get a grip and get your butt to a doctor so you can begin to embrace all the goodies life got to offer. Do not be a victim, do not waste more time, read the book and get things done!
May your life be long and blissful!
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